Family Old and New

Proctor Pioneer – The American West Generations is a family history project that documents the George William Proctor family settling from New England to the Western United States. His descendants became blacksmiths, cattle ranchers, farmers and influential voices across the Southwest. Their story of surviving the wild west can match any Hollywood western.

This Proctor family line can be traced back to England in the late 1400s. We made our way to America between 1635-1643 and since had relatives participate in some incredible historical events.  As you can imagine there is a lot to tell and things get complicated. The West generations are featured because my ancestors left a considerable amount of photos, letters and physical materials to pass on.

George William Proctor was born May 5, 1823 in Providence, RI. He married Elvira E. Cooper and had two children. Elvira died in 1848, a month after giving birth to her second child. GWP later married Lucinda T. Norris and made the big move West in 1858 to West Point, CA. He had six children with Lucinda and three of his four boys were drawn to the Arizona boom towns of opportunity. Charles Anthony Proctor came to Arizona in 1876 with his brother Frank Louis Proctor. Their younger brother Henry A. Proctor arrived in Arizona in 1884 around the San Simon area. With determination and dedication Frank, Charles and Henry became a Proctor Pioneer.

George William Proctor children, grandchildren and some great grandchildren: