Mary Benedict Proctor-Greene-Wiswall (1874-1955)

Mary Proctor Greene - Waldorf Astoria NY

Mary Proctor Greene – Waldorf Astoria NY

Frank L. Proctor and Mary E. Dowdle adopted a daughter, Mary Benedict, in 1885. She had lost both her parents by age 10. Mary Benedict was born in 1874 to Albert Case Benedict and Gregoria Alvarez. A.C. Benedict was born in Michigan and came out to AZ in 1863. He was a well known Arizona pioneer, Tucson Mason and served as County Treasurer and Territorial Auditor. In 1865 he married Gregoria Alvarez was born in Santa Ana, Mexico.  Together they had 4 children, 3 boys and a daughter, Mary. A.C. Benedict died in March of 1880 of typhoid pneumonia at the residence of Peter Kitchen, friend and neighbor.  Gregoria Alvarez Benedict remarried to E.A. Chamberlain and had 2 more boys in March of 1882. E.A. Chamberlain died in California in 1884. Gregoria died of tuberculosis in February of 1884 leaving behind 6 children under the age of 15. Gregoria is buried at the leading edge of the [Guevavi Mission] ruins.

Frank L. Proctor, acquaintances with A.C Benedict, knew of the Benedict tragedies and raised Mary after the age of 11. Mary B. Proctor was a typesetter for the Tucson Daily Citizen in 1890s and a popular young Tucsonan. She married the “Copper King”, Colonel William C. Greene in February of 1901. Mary was 23 years his junior and had met Greene at prior social engagements. FLP and Greene were long time friends and had been devloping ranches and mines together. Greene had been a widow for 2 years and lost one of his daughters by drowning. More can be read, Dry River: Stories of Life, Death, and Redemption on the Santa Cruz.

Greene and Mary had six children: William, Virginia, Frank, Charles, Florence, and Kirk. After Col. William C. Greene’s death in 1911, Mary traveled often from Los Angeles, Tucson and Cananea, Mexico to conduct various business interests for the Greene Cattle Company and Cananea Cattle Company. She remarried Charles Wiswall in 1918.

Mary Benedict-Proctor-Greene-Wiswall died in November of 1955 and is buried at Cananea Cemetery in Cananea, Mexico.


Family Line

    George William Proctor III

    • Frank Louis Proctor
      • Mary Benedict-Greene-Wiswall