George Manuel Proctor (1892-1973)

George M Proctor

George M Proctor and Lupe Peyron 1920s

George Manuel Proctor was born in a house on Myers St, June of 1892 in Tucson, AZ. The house later turned into a cafe called Charlie’s Chicken Shack. In May of 1912, he is pictured on Tucson H.S. football team with Tucson coaching legend, J.F. ‘Pop’ Mckale. THS yearbook is quoted as “here’s hoping that Mr. McKale stays with us next year”.  George was one of seventeen players on the first University of Arizona football team coached by J.F. ‘Pop’ Mckale in 1914.

While stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, he was asked his middle name. Thinking he didn’t have one, he chose “Meade”. Later, his sister Lucinda recalled her brothers George and Frank had middle names with M. One being Martin and the other Manuel.

He married Guadalupe ‘Lupe’ Peyron on June 16, 1920. They had two daughters Virginia Alice and Norma Lorraine. He worked as a cattle inspector after WWI. Then as a U.S. mail carrier until retirement in 1957. He received a Presidential honor from Richard Nixon. GMP died in Tucson, AZ in January of 1973 and is buried at South Lawn Cemetery.


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