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Charles Anthony Proctor (1857-1913)

Charles Anthony ProctorCharles Anthony Proctor was born in 1857 in Guildhall, VT and moved to California with his family in 1858. Charles left for Arizona in 1876 with his brother Frank Louis Proctor and Frank’s wife Mary (Dowdle). The two brothers brought horses for the Baca Float Ranch (No. 3?). CAP worked around Madera Canyon and built the old little rock house. He also had a store in Quijotoa, AZ and sold meat to the miners. The mines there were active about 1883-1885.

CAP was married to Jesus (Jesusita) Salazar on November 5, 1888 in Tucson, AZ at St. Augustine’s Cathedral. The Tucson Daily Citizen lists the couple as having a home in Canoa. CAP and Jesusita had four boys and two girls. Charles Roque born in 1889, George Manuel in 1892, Henry Patrick in 1895, Frank Martin in 1897, Maria Lucinda in 1903 and Marybelle in 1906. CAP worked on the Munson Cienega Ranch with his brother Frank. In 1889, he was made the Superintendent of Maish & Driscoll’s cattle ranches and was a Vail Company foreman. CAP was mentioned in the “Southwestern Stockman” newspaper of 10 Jan 1891 for information on stock brands and ranges of area stock raisers.

CAP lived at La Tesota (1897-1900) and Box Canyon (1903-13) ranches and would travel extensively. CAP bought his parcel of the Sopori Ranch in 1898? from Tomas Elias Sr. When times were tough with cattle, he was a guard at Yuma Prison from July 1901 to March 1903. His buddy J.K. Brown was the prison superintendent. He worked his “Graveyard Mine” near Helvetia, AZ after being at Yuma. He gave the Alamo Ranch, near McNeal, AZ, to “the boys”.

On May 15, 1913 Charles Anthony Proctor died on the Sopori Ranch. The Tucson Daily Citizen reports on May 17, 1913,

“It is believed that he [Charles Proctor] died from heart failure of apoplexy. William Lowe, coroner of Santa Cruz county arrived from Tubac and reported officially that the cause of death was unknown. When the family first discovered the body, lying at a distance of 50 yards from the house between the road and the fence, there was blood on the mouth and in the hand was a revolver.”

Charles A about 1900Sheriff McKnight of Nogales investigated, but found no suspicious circumstances. Some in the family thought otherwise.

CAP was buried at Evergreen Memorial Park with a long procession. The pall bearers were Lyman W. Wakefield, Andres Rebeil, Edward L. Vail, Charles C.Goodwin, James K. Brown, John H. McVey.

The Sopori ranch was sold a couple years after Charles’ death by Jesusita to Robert Catlett and then to  Levi H. Manning in 1925. In the 1950s, the Sopori ranch was owned by Jack Warner of Warner Bros Studio.

His descendants honored him by inclusion in the memorial Plaza of the Pioneers at the Tucson Museum of Art in November 1982.


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