Frank Martin Proctor (1897-1971)

Frank M Proctor WWI

Frank Martin Proctor WWI

Frank Martin Proctor was born in May of 1897 in Tucson, AZ and baptized at St Augustine Cathedral. After primary school, his uncle Frank L Proctor sent Frank M and George M to Harvard Military School in Los Angeles, California. They were taught preparatory classes, military discipline, training in machine shop, forging and carpentry. Like his older brothers, he served in WWI.

He married Phoebe Valenzuela in June of 1925 in Nogales, AZ. He was the second Proctor brother to marry a Valenzuela sister, his brother Henry P had married Tula Valenzuela in 1923. Frank and Phoebe had two children. He was a U.S. Postman in Los Angeles, CA in the 1940’s and later moved to Albuquerque, NM. He retired in 1967.

Frank Martin Proctor died in Albuquerque October of 1971. He is buried in Tucson, AZ at South Lawn Cemetery.


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