Frank Louis Proctor (1852-1929)

Frank Louis Proctor was born in 1852 in Providence, RI. His father moved the family to California in 1858. FLP married Mary E. Dowdle in 1873 in Cambria, CA. Frank began staying in Arizona in 1873 around Prescott. He is recorded to have bought a lot on Center St. in Cambria around 1874/75.

In 1876, he moved to Arizona with brother Charles Anthony Proctor. FLP started to purchase land in Pima County in 1884. FLP and Mary adopted a daughter in 1885. Mary Benedict was born in 1874 to Albert Case Benedict and Gregoria Álvarez, both died before Mary was 10 years old.

Also in 1885, he attended the Pima County Ranchmen’s Association meeting at Tucson, AZ. FLP reported on the killing of a man in southern Pima county by Apaches from news clipping of 30 April 1886.

FLP was appointed Pima County Deputy Sheriff and later served as under sheriff by Sheriff M. F. Shaw (1887-1890). FLP was a Democratic Sheriff nominee in 1892. He served on the Board of Supervisors and briefly as a councilman in the Democratic central committee.

He ranched at Munson Cienega in the 1880’s, near Safford, AZ. FLP sold his land from the Munson Cienega to a brother-in-law, Henry J. Dowdle, in 1895. In the mid 1890’s he was a cattle inspector for Pima county.

He went to Cananea, Mexico prior to 1900 and prospered there from the mines and cattle. FLP became Col. Greene’s right hand man in the cattle business. He owned a couple of buildings and a saloon in the mining camp. FLP suffered a paralytic stroke in the beginning of 1906 and went to Hot Springs, AR for treatment. He was back in Cananea showing little effects by the end of the year. FLP lived in Tempe, AZ and was partner in the Turkey Track Cattle Co.

In the summer of 1909 he moved to Los Angeles, CA bought a home in Hollywood and later bought an extensive walnut grove at El Monte, CA. FLP died in April of 1929 and is buried at Evergreen Memorial Park in Tucson, AZ.


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