Alma Vienna Proctor (1865-1903)

Alma Vienna Proctor was born in 1865 in Cambria, CA. She was married in Sonoma County in 1888 to Walter B. Overton. They had seven children; Laverna I. in 1888, Dudley P. in 1890, James W. in 1892, Armina E. in 1894, Grace in 1896, Walter C. in 1898 and Myrtle A. in 1899.

Alma Vienna Proctor died in Paso Robles, CA in December of 1903.

Family Line

George William Proctor III

    • Alma Vienna Proctor-Overton
      • Laverna I. Overton
      • Dudley P. Overton
      • James W. Overton
      • Armina E. Overton
      • Grace Overton
      • Walter C. Overton
      • Myrtle A. Overton