Marybelle Proctor-Wielang (1906-1990)

Mary Proctor 1910 about

Mary Proctor about 1910 at la Tesota ranch

Marybelle Proctor was born in February of 1906 in Tucson, AZ. Mary was baptized at St. Augustine’s Cathedral in March 1906. Her sponsors are listed as her aunt and uncle (Zenon and Ramona Valenzuela). She attended St Josephs Academy with her sister, Lucinda. St. Joseph’s was located on the corner of 6th Ave. and 15th St.

Mary’s relationship with her mother (Jesus) was different from her siblings. She was 7 years old when her father died and 9 years old when she found her new step-father shot near death. Mary was heavily influenced by Jesus, good with the bad. Jesus went after her boys in court and had an estranged relationship with them after 1915. Mary was suspicious and harsh towards her brothers, only having an amicable relationship with Charles. She adored her mother and cared for her until the end.

In the late 1920s Jesus sold the ranch properties and moved to Tucson for good. In the 1930 census Mary is listed as a dental assistant, living with her mother and a boarder. Mary and Jesus took on rental properties and boarders as their source of income.

At the age of 40, Mary married Fred Wielang in Nogales, AZ. Fred was a WWII veteran and worked in Tucson as Asst. Manager of Midwest Meat Co., owned by Cudahy. Fred had a daughter from a previous marriage that Mary helped raise. For sometime they owned and operated the Linda Meat Co. on 1st Ave in Tucson. Fred and Mary also operated the L&K Drive In on 1st Ave. Her sister Lucinda was the cook.

Marybelle Proctor-Wielang died in Tucson, AZ in December of 1990.


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