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Proctor Pioneer

The American Generations | West 1858

Charles A Proctor’s Death and the Aftermath

Proctor Box Canyon Ranch 1900s

A few mysteries surround Charles A. Proctor’s untimely death. How did he really die? What were his troubles? Can we ever prove he was murdered? And why did the newspapers have several different stories? We know a few things. He died May 15, 1913 at his Sopori Ranch homestead and the family dynamic was never the same. […]

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The Cows Moved Us

Navor Proctor

In the spirit of the Rodeo here in Tucson, I thought it fitting to post on some Proctor livestock related history. Cattle and horses brought Charles A. and Frank L. to Southern Arizona. One would care for the stock while the other worked.

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Box Canyon Ranch Tomfoolery

Box Canyon Ranch 1914

In the late 18oos southern Arizona ranchers were not just neighbors they were family. Literally, “slim pickings” as the locals would say. Many of the pioneer families are unified through work and family.

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Proctor Pioneer – The American Generations is a family history project that documents how the Proctor family moved from settling parts of New England to heading out West in 1858. The original Proctor pioneers of Southern Arizona settled in in 1876 and prospered with cattle ranches, gambling and mining over the years. Their story of surviving the wild west can match any Hollywood western.

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